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“A wonderful journey through the world of music. I highly recommend it.”

- Robert Munsch, 1996

Anyone who has listened to an audio book well knows of the typical approach to the genre. Maestro Orpheus and the World Clock raises the bar of audio quality with its multifaceted production with a thoroughly compelling story that reaches from its intended audience of children into adult circles, as well. That's why it's an especially strong recommendation for any library looking for superior audio book productions that stand out for  their overall quality and consistently well-done narrations.

- Diane Donovan, Midwest Review, 2023

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This audiobook provides an extraordinary experience for children ages 5-12. The story offers mystery, fantasy, and adventure. It is narrated to perfection by talented actors, capturing the minds and imaginations of children. But it goes even further by weaving exquisite music seamlessly into the story. Without being aware, students are learning about the relationship between time and music, as well as being introduced to classical composers and their music.

​- Eve Panzer, The Barefoot Librarian 2023

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Maestro Orpheus and The World Clock is such a wonderful story. It would be perfect for any parent wanting their child to learn more about time and music. The narration and voicing is impeccable, and the background music and sound effects make you feel like you are part of the story. communicates the importance of music and time with wonderful storytelling. I highly recommend listening to this dynamic and compelling reading of Maestro Orpheus and The World Clock."

-, 2023

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I highly recommend this audio-book for any young reader looking for a magical listen!

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-, 2023


“ The simply splendid, with beautifully performed classical music, engaging sound effects, and wonderful voice acting, adding even more magic to this fantastic tale."  5-star review

- Literary Titan, 2023

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Literary Titan Gold Book Award.png

"One of the things that makes this book special is how it teaches children the importance of time. The book emphasizes the close relationship between music and time and how they're interconnected. With its unique blend of adventure, fantasy, and life lessons, this book is an ideal inspiration for children to cherish time and the memories it creates.

This is an exceptional children's book that is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of readers of all ages. With its engaging narrative, perfect audiobook narration, and valuable life lessons, this book is an absolute must-read. I wholeheartedly recommend it to children who love fantasy books and give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars."

- OnLineBookClub, 2023

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Normally, I feel that audiobooks should only be used sparingly with children. I like reading, physically reading a book, to become an ingrained habit. An audiobook can seem like the easy way out - you get the content without putting in the effort. But - there's always an exception to such rules and Maestro Orpheus and the World Clock is one of the exceptions.....with the audiobook, you get a massive bonus in the form of short excerpts of some great classical music. It's lively. It's engaging and it might just pique a young child's interest at an age when pop music can push its way to the forefront."

- Sue Magee, The Bookbag, UK, 2022

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Maestro Orpheus and the World Clock” is a delightful story about the importance of

time and its connection to music. 

-Gleannan Perrett, Guelph Mercury Tribune, 2024

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“To be worthwhile, a story must have a strong and captivating plot. However, there is no doubt that the stories that truly capture one’s attention and imagination are those that contain a series of subplots or other stories that embellish and provide deeper understanding. It is not surprising that Maestro Orpheus and The World Clock was nominated for a Juno when first published as the story engages with some of a child’s more anxious concerns and provides depth and richness, unearthing a series of themes that not only captivates the listener, but provides fertile ground for critical thinking and promotes profound discussion.” 

- Carol Beynon, University of Western Ontario, 2022

"Although it is only just over an hour long, the story is captivating and takes the listener on a phantasmagorical voyage. We accompany Fred as he learns about some composers and their childhoods, such as Leoš Janáček, Frédéric Chopin, Richard Strauss, and Joseph Haydn. The sound effects, quality, and ambiance in this audiobook are brilliant. It enables the listener to become truly immersed in Fred’s dream world.                                                                                                  - Readers' Favorite, USA, 2023

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“The CD premiered….for an audience of two, of which I was the least important. Although I enjoyed it very much, what really counts is the opinion of the other member of the audience. She usually votes with her feet, by leaving or, at least, by moving them rapidly if she's bored.

But she loved it! She sat in rapt attention without fidgeting for the entire 62 minutes, 10 seconds it took to play the entire recording. And she almost always fidgets! Why? Because she's a high-energy, seven-year-old, and an hour is a long time for any seven-year-old to keep still.

The CD held my attention throughout as well, although my attention span is not much longer than a seven-year-old's if the material is anything short of excellent, and I find it particularly hard to concentrate on children's stories. But this recording was very well made from all points of view. The story was interesting and thought provoking. The narration by R.H. Thomson was very well read, as were the supporting roles. The music was very well performed by the English Chamber Orchestra and solo pianist Elizabeth Acker. The sound was superb.”

- Fred Flaxman, Compact Discoveries, 1997

“When I sat down to listen to this story, just over an hour long, I expected to hear a tale that would engage young children. I hoped it would hold my interest too, but I wasn't expecting it. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it hold my children's interest (ages 10 and 7), it captured mine as well….The end of the story had me in tears! Being a mother and watching how very fast my children are growing up, I found it to be incredibly moving. My girls were riveted to it from beginning to end as well.… [Maestro Orpheus] is such a beautifully woven story with timeless wisdom throughout. I highly recommend it!”

- Dawn Peterson, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, August 2008

"A recurring topic in discussions among classical music lovers is, “How do we get more people interested in classical music?” An obvious answer… “Teach the young about it.”…..a good program that might help to hook both parent and child is always welcome, and here is one.

The musical selections are skillfully woven in with a well-narrated story…..the nine-year-old listened attentively and said at the end, “Mom, it’s awesome. Can we get it?” mother said that Saturn from Holst’s Planets gave her goosebumps, especially as combined with the story.”

- The American Record Guide, March, 1998

“This delightful musical journey takes young listeners on a time-travel trip….an intriguing introduction to music appreciation.”

Cindy Lombardo, Booklist, August, 1999

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